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Fundamentals of career success

We often experience pressure from all sides to be successful and achieve great things in life. For most of us, the pressure can be quite overwhelming in an already stressed country like South Africa. This is a shared feeling among young and older folk alike. This familiar season of Grade 12 year-end results brings incredible[…]

South African Women’s Month Sham

The hyperbolised, disingenuous hype around celebration of women and acknowledgement of their struggle is over, thank heavens! The month of August in South Africa has become such a dreaded source of exhaustion for me on all fronts, honestly. I am in no mood to celebrate, commemorate or do anything this year. In the past, I[…]

Meaning of Work

The meaning of work is varies from person to person. Meaning effectively is the WHY of each person, and it is determined by one’s personality and character preferences. Robin Sharma, in his book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” says “the purpose of life is a life of purpose”. What we do everyday to generate[…]

How Line Managers Can Be Resourced to Understand The Strategic Impact of Holistic Employee Wellbeing

Managing people requires a sincerity to seek to understand them.  Organisations should take time to reflect on and consider appropriate ways of cultivating productive relationships with employees.  Wellbeing has become the valued currency in business today, especially in Post COVID-19 (2020-2021) times. Complexities of the external environment in the entire globe, challenges of constant change[…]

Young Professionals: Organisational Awareness and Building Resilience

Securing employment is an exciting milestone for a young person who is launching a new path to independence. While this may be the case, the change aspect of first-time entry into the workplace is often underestimated. Some critical learning experiences one encounters are not outlined in any textbook or formal resource document. For one reason[…]

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