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Business Profile

Desi Industrial Psychologists (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black female owned entity that was established in 2015 to supply a range of solutions to enable organisational effectiveness and high performance. This is a service pillar of empowerment for individuals, groups and organisations that aspire to achieve excellence in all spheres of personal growth, business life and community development.

The business offers its services to:

All individuals who aspire to achieve personal advancement and career emancipation.

Budding organisations who envision growth in business through leveraging people solutions.

Established private organisations and government public entities who seek to reach and sustain a space of high performance.


To unlock potential that can ignite possibility in others.

The aim is to empower people and organisations that seek to live their destined purpose.


The company exists to contribute solutions that seek to address people and organisational capacity deficiencies. The fundamental basis for all interventions pursued is centred on principles of Appreciative Enquiry Theory:

•   Recognising the best in people, organisations and the world around us.

•   Validating past and present strengths; thereby deliberately affirming assumptions about people and organisations.

•   Asking questions to explore new possibilities and being open to maximizing untapped potential.

Core Values

•  Selfless Service

•  Value with Impact

•  Customer Orientation

•  Integrity

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