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Babalwa Desi's Profile

Babalwa Desi is a registered Industrial Psychologist with 16 years’ worth of corporate industry experience that was obtained in manufacturing industries and the private healthcare sector of South Africa. Her highest academic qualifications were obtained at NMMU in Port Elizabeth, this being an MA Degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology. She continues to render support to the university’s Department of Industrial & Organisational Psychology as required.

With Babalwa’s unique blend of capabilities, she has refined competence in the following areas:

•   Strategic thinking
•   Conceptual thinking
•   High tolerance for complexity
•   Integration capabilities
•   Corporate and organisational awareness
•   Interpersonal abilities
•   Facilitation and engagement
•   Trusted advisor
•   Nurturing mentor
•   Intuitive coach
•   Ethical confidant
•   Empathiser

Throughout her career journey Babalwa has endured testing times in addition to periods of phenomenal growth and excitement. These came about through momentous milestones through which she had to navigate; along with exposure to challenging personalities with whom she has had to work over a lengthy period of time.

Overcoming business challenges over the years has been instrumental in augmenting strength of character and for Babalwa to truly appreciate the meaning of resilience, tenacity and self-reflection. As such she continues to be a principled professional who aspires to achieve excellence despite adversity.

She is passionate about youth development and always makes time to impart lessons of life and business success to others from all spheres of life. Babalwa is a proud mother, wife, daughter, sister, and aunt with strong family values. She is an avid reader with a love for the arts and the simple pleasures of life.

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