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How can we help you?

Is your organisation struggling to reach the next level of growth potential?

Are your team members displaying low motivation and/or poor commitment?

Is you management team lacking the passion to produce excellent results consistently?

Is your leadership team the right kind to achieve your vision? If so, could they be in need of refuelling?

Are your business relationships authentic and productive, or are they draining your spirit?

Are you assured of a workforce that is enabled to deliver on results and continued growth?

Do you have a healthy pool of talented professionals to draw capabilities you need for the future?

Is something missing in your organisation, but you just cannot identify what it is exactly?


Desi Industrial Psychologists is a 100% black female owned company that was established in 2015 to supply a range of solutions to enable organisational effectiveness and high performance. This is a service pillar of empowerment for individuals, groups and organisations that aspire to achieve excellence in all spheres of personal growth, business life and community development.

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Our approach is one of integration fo strategic and operational initiatives for maximum value that can be seen in your bottom-line results. The entire organisational system is assessed to establish readiness to deliver on the organisational business plan and delivery model.

The value of this exercise centres on highlighting signature strengths which should be reinforced, as well as areas of concern that may derail organisations’ capacity to achieve business outcomes.

Ultimately the aim is geared to integrate all facets of the organisational system, thereby maximising on its people capabilities and potential.

Availability of competent talent and leadership continues to keep most employers awake at night. the global scarcity of skill further complicates this challenge for business. In collaboration with employers we drive proactive strategies for growing own timber for succession.

Key enablers to aid decision making include psychometric tools of assessment to establish gaps  in leadership knowledge, skill, character attributes and attitude. Knowing these facts about prospective candidates enables employers to select, appoint and develop the right calibre of persons for current and future needs.

Going forward incumbents are assisted to craft action plans in collaboration with immediate managers and mentors. Where a need exists, coaching may form part of the methods used to refine talent and leadership effectiveness.

In any environment where there are people, there are bound to be challenges in one form or another. In order to maximise productivity, fair policies and procedures that govern operations and delivery must be defined and applied consistently. Where elements of non-compliance are identified, corrective action becomes absolutely essential for purposes of maintaining order.

Line Managers are often burdened with having to ensure compliance and good conduct month their teams. At the same time a good measure of contractual accountability rests with employees to be loyal and faithful to the employer, in the manner of executing their functions. Balancing these needs using standardised business practices ensures predictability, focus and harmony in the workplace.

Effective management of employment relationships is critical for sustained productivity and high performance. Managers at all levels are often expected to assume a leadership role in the organisation. This means that they must remain plugged-in and in-tune with needs of their respective teams, in addition to driving operations. At the same time, leaders are expected to facilitate cultivation of good relationships with and among their teams.

The leadership collective should commit sincerely to establishment of a culture that encourages all employee groups to thrive and grow. Issues that may linger in the organisational climate and culture to threaten this phenomenon should be addressed with urgency. Here most critical are strategies of meaningful engagement to be developed, serving all stakeholder groups.

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Who will benefit from these services?

All individuals who aspire to achieve personal advancement and career emancipation.

Budding organisations who envision growth in business through leveraging people solutions.

Established private organisations and public entities who seek to reach and sustain a space of productivity and high performance.

Local Community and greater society around us.

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