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Career Alignment and Relaunch

Career Alignment and Relaunch Career success depends fundamentally on the degree of fit between the choice of vocation and the personal character of the individual. Misalignment in this area leads to internal disharmony and stress. Performance and effectiveness will be affected by cognitive capabilities, character traits and the general attitude among other things. Scales are[…]

Unlocking Your Greatness through Psychometric Assessment and Coaching

Unlocking Your Greatness Through Psychometric Assessment and Coaching Individual Coaching For Those Who Have Completed The Leadership Mastery of the HR Professional Course What You Learn Experience a personalised one-on-one coaching journey with highly-trained experts who have once walked your path Prepare for self-discovery to reignite your professional fire & VUMA Get greater insight of[…]

Leadership Mastery for the HR Professional

Leadership Mastery for the HR Professional Leadership is an inevitable and essential requirement of any HR professional, but one that is often not emphasised during academic training. Workplaces have become complex, especially in pandemic times of Covid-19 and periodic bouts of economic downturn. Managing people has become rocket science indeed. It requires grounded spirits as[…]

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